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    ProductBio is connecting cities through the Dollars Well-Spent Initiative to help municipalities harness their spend potential.

    This initiative aims to support local governments in creating sustainable purchasing policies and build a network of cities working together to shift public spend towards better products.

    The following few questions are an onboarding step to Dollars Well-Spent and an opportunity for us to gather data on the goals and initiatives occurring at the city level in order to learn and understand the challenges that accompany sustainable procurement efforts.

    The questions are primarily about your role in the city and the city’s overall sustainability programs and/or goals. The last question will ask you to select a few product categories that the city purchases in order to help develop sustainable purchasing criteria for your relevant product categories.

    Once completed, you will receive an email with your login information and a link to your custom-generated EPP policy.

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    How much does your city spend annually on all goods and services procured?

  4. Does your city already have a sustainable purchasing program?  (e.g. Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, EPP, EP3, Sustainable Procurement Policy)*

    Is it a policy, administrative regulation, ordinance, or guideline?*

    How does your city enforce compliance with your sustainable purchasing policy?

  5. Does your city track green purchases?*

    Has your city had a green audit?*

    Who performs this audit?*

  6. Do you currently receive green spending reports from your vendors?*

    If so, which vendors?*

    Do you use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for purchasing decisions?*

    If so, which system?*

    Does your city have environmental programs or initiatives in place?

  7. Name a sustainability initiative or program your city is working on.

    Then, tag areas of concern that are relevant to this initiative, and click "Add Initiative". (e.g., tag "Waste" to "Zero Waste Initiative"). Add as many initiatives as you like!

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  9. What challenges has your city faced with developing and implementing sustainable procurement policies?  (1500 character limit)

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